The House of Lacquer 

Release date : 14 April 1967

Miss Kumari’s swansong in Malayalam cinema. She returned after a gap of 4 years since her last film Susheela, directed by KS Sethumadhavan in 1963, followed by her wedding & married life.

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Movie Handbill

Publicity Still from Arakkillam (1967)

Sathyan & Miss Kumari

More about the Movie

SathyanMiss Kumari
SharadaKottayam Chellappan
SP PillaiRathi Devi
Kaduvakkulam AntonySreenarayana Pillai
Paul VengolaAdoor Bhasi
DirectorN Sankaran Nair
StorySL Puram Sadanandan
ScreenplaySL Puram Sadanandan
DialoguesSL Puram Sadanandan
DistributionAries Pictures
Art DirectionPN Menon
CinematographyR N Pillai
LyricsVayalar Ramavarma
MusicG Devarajan
Playback SingersKJ Yesudas, S Janaki, P Susheela, LR Eashwari, PB Sreenivas
EditingKD George

The story revolves around Susie, who is the only daughter of rich widower Abraham Thomas and is studying in Ooty. Abraham has a hospital in munnar, where Dr Sunny is the chief physician. Sunny is in love with Ponamma, who happens to be a far relative of Abraham and stays in Abraham’s house.

During Susie’s Christmas vacation visit, she undergoes a medical checkup and is diagnosed with brain tumour. Doctors certify that surgery or not, she will not live for more than a year at the best. This breaks Abraham and he decides not to send Susie for further education. In the meanwhile, unknown of her medical condition, Susie falls in love with Dr Sunny and insists on getting married to him. Despite protests from Sunny and Ponamma, she does not relent.

 In such a scenario, Ponamma feels sympathetic towards Susie and requests Sunny to accept Susie, as it is her last wish. Sunny agrees and they get married. However, Sunny continues to be more of a doctor to Susie than her husband and this causes Susie to fall into depression. Seeing this, Ponamma speaks to Sunny about this, which is overheard by Abraham Thomas. Thinking that Ponamma was targeting his property, which may become Sunny’s after Susies’s death, he scolds Ponamma badly, accusing her of fraud. However, Ponamma reveals about her true feelings for Susie, to Abraham; which is overheard by Susie this time.

On knowing about her illness, Susie insists on getting operated. But medical experts opine that operation is very risky and may even cause Susie’s death. On knowing this, Ponamma, in order to avoid a tricky scenario where she may be asked to marry Sunny on Susie’s death and also be accused of usurping Abraham’s wealth, decides to join the monastery, even before Susie’s operation.  This ends the movie.

This was Miss Kumari’s first movie post her marriage, and her co-stars in the movie were Sathyan, Sharada, Kottayam Chellappan, Rathidevi, Sri Narayanan Pillai, S P Pillai among others.

Songs from the Movie

Music : G Devarajan
Lyrics : Vayalar Ramavarma
Playback : KJ Yesudas

Music : G Devarajan
Lyrics : Vayalar Ramavarma
Playback : PB Sreenivas, S Janaki

Music : G Devarajan
Lyrics : Vayalar Ramavarma
Playback : P Susheela

Music : G Devarajan
Lyrics : Vayalar Ramavarma
Playback : P Leela

Music : G Devarajan
Lyrics : Vayalar Ramavarma
Playback : LR Eashwari